YeshPro Publications

The following is a collection of books that mark the history of Yesh, from its earliest days as a two person outfit working on cheap little books from within a one bedroom apartment somewhere in South Pasadena, CA. Immensely miniscule in budget, but ambitious in heart, we sought to unveil our conversations into an exploratory physical manifestation that could be carried easily, and hopefully instigate others into positing the next corners of the conversation. Part mischief, part vulnerability, these books stand as a testament to the power of the curious.

More To Come? Never Say Never.. 


Book 1:

A Compendium Of Awkward Pauses

Our first crack at this whole book thing came largely out of this shared need to be more open about each other's pasts. And after doing this via more traditional means, the mental images we conjured up practically begged to be rendered into reality. A peek into our origin stories, and what makes the awkward so telling.


Book 2:

Safety Nets For The Internets

With the first book being what it was, discussions ran long as to what we could tackle next. And it finally hit us that our follow up could be a trip into the absurd by way of how we normally communicate. Being a pair that either emails or speaks in person, Safety Nets was a time to wax silly about the many ways we all could reach each other without a network.


Book 3:

Tasteful Overtures

The third book in the series was nearly a year in the planning. After many a discussion regarding the things we make for others, considering the meals we have made in each other's presence seemed like a logical starting point. Closer in tone to Compendium, this was where reminiscence ran headlong into design play. A cookbook with a taste for the personal.