The Stomping Grounds Expand..


Well. Better late than never, yes?

Don't mind the mess. The movers haven't completely finished bringing every article over, and what's in these boxes do no good all over the floor, so let's just lie on the floor for a bit and get acquainted.

Hello one and all, and welcome to what will hopefully be a busy new home for all things no budget and mischievous. I'm Mike, and I've spent several years writing and creating under several banners over the years. Whether it be via sites like Anime Diet, or The Wandering Kaijyu, the time spent toggling between these sites, not to mention the endless carnival that is social media, it always felt inevitable that all endeavors would find themselves in some consolidated form or another. As for the time I have been between working across town or school, this new home also helps eliminate so much unnecessary fumbling about. This new project may also find within it room for other voices looking for a means to play between many corners of everything from cinema, to anime, to local art, food, and various musings outside of what many may call consistent. Wandercreature, is where the mind has a chance to play it loose, seek out wisdom instead of geek cred, rummage for the unexpected, and embrace the internet as a spiritual butterfly net. After several years of this, the very idea that we had to get way past Variable Zero, and offer up a place where all these little pieces of incremental creativity had to function beneath a solid umbrella.

In time, content will offer more than blogs. We're also looking into reviews beyond merely film, podcasts, homebrewed music and video, the two-person publishing project that's been happening since 2013, YeshPro, and a great deal more. So go ahead and bookmark away. I'm always open for suggestions, questions, and stories.  (Oh, I love those!) Take up a pillow, and relax a bit. All I ask of you is to be civil, offer up your best ideas, and breathe in the moment.

Your best ideas might be just around the corner.