When People Complain About Pop Star Quotes Sans Context..

You bet I'm disturbed.


I'm disturbed by the fact that nearly every single White house appointee, is as follows..


An Attorney General candidate, whom has long been considered far too racist, and unacceptable even by previous Republican standards, and has had much trouble at the hands of both Dr. King and his wife and with good reason.


A Secretary of Education nominee that lacks even the minimum required education to even consider presiding over the lives of the young, let alone a religious bias that undermines separation of church and state. Worse yet. Has no concept of how to deal with diversity of culture, as well as neuro diversity.


A Secretary of housing and urban development nominee with no prior experience in this field, was once a surgeon, but now lacks the cognitive ability to handle complex living ideas, let alone his beliefs in the pyramids and the use of grain. The videos are proof enough of incompetence to even garner much more argument.


Disturbed, that a powerful oil magnate would be given the keys to high office when it has grown ever more crucial and acceptable to harvest new, and cleaner forms of energy, with more in the wings. This is ultimately worse than the Bush family and their ties to foreign oil.


I'm disturbed that a press secretary would not only lie about the role of himself and his administration, but that he would be so bad at it. It's bad enough that it's clear that he looks forced into every word leaking out of his mouth, with bloodshot eyes filled with mortification, but that he doesn't have the stones to even think that there is such a thing as “alternative facts”. (Hint: there isn't)


I'm ultimately disturbed by the senior counselor appointment of a man long known as a political “news” raconteur, with dreams of being a Leninist, hoping with baited breath to “destroy the state”, and aligns himself, not only against other races, but women, and just about everyone but a racist, nationalist base. His connections to a drunken, broken minded misanthrope kraken like Alex Jones only furthers the mud from which he has arisen from.


I'm disturbed by one’s assertion that the people being placed into high office are less dangerous than imaginary leftists who wouldn't even think of doing the things Drumpf’s cabinet are intent on doing, which largely comes from the Putin playbook of “destabilize and deligitimize “ everything from the truth to the offices of American government. They are attempting a bloodless coup, and largely because of one man's massive, yet fragile ego against a world that has left him, and possibly others behind.


I'm far more disturbed by these revelations than any muddle of words one Brooklyn pop legend can possibly spout. They are a greater offense to the White House, because they possess no respect for the system in which they inherit. It's anti-Federalism fueled by deep resentment, and powered by dirty pool. Their racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, and means to harm and stifle research and information thrives because it fears what so many of us already know.


I'm disturbed..


Because the enemy is already inside the house. Infection has taken hold, and that body you see before you may look familiar, but there is nothing beneath that skin that will ever be the party you once new. The Republican party you and I knew growing up, is dead. Within the visage of its shambling corpse, is an organized international puppet show disguised as white rage revenge against a President who was doing all he could to level a playing field in dire need of it. Certain people couldn't fathom this, belted out in desperation, and decided to burn the board. Hell, fyi: A lot of the so-called “leftists” you speak of, voted for your man because it would hasten this longed-for destruction. That's right. They saw this coming, and opted for the big burn. They were right next to you, complicit in all of this.


How much is one's soul worth to undo generations of progress, and belief in impartial systems in the name of some imagined past where everyone was happy? This “again” speaks of something wholly imaginary, and at best, only for one persuasion of skin color. Nostalgia, is merely that; a balm for reality.


Being afraid of violent factions have been rendered moot since this administration has openly decided to declare war on reason. The moment that happens, all bets are off. Shots have already been fired. America, is already under siege. The shockwave will be felt around every corner of the planet. And only a few of us will remain to rebuild what had been destroyed. Make no mistake, it will affect all of us. Women, children, the elderly, immigrants from the world over, seeking the beacon of light we do our damndest to promise.


And this includes the many who voted for him. They too will feel a sharp sting of betrayal in time. The “left” will likely not have to lift a finger.


I'm disturbed that a small minority found itself terrified of a more pluralized world, and opted to shun the possibilities inherent. And if they are more bothered by what one artist said in jest, as opposed to all of this, would prefer that we remain docile and complicit as the very fabric of who we are and what we can be are torn asunder in the name of something that is in no way sustainable, nor respectful of nature itself. That blocks, cuts, kills, offers no long term solutions or goals outside of a warped retread of pasts better abandoned while the world moves forward, leaving us a shell of what we once upheld to be self-evident.


This is disturbing to me.